Being on the road for a year doing shows is enough to break most men. It’s all about mindset though. If you look at it as a chance to see new sites, meet new people, and ride new spots then it can be the adventure of a lifetime. That’s just the attitude Mat Olson has kept during his time on the road, and this edit gives you a look into what life on the road has been like for him.

“Mat Olson has been doing shows all year but that didn’t stop him from teaming up with Jeremie Infelise to show you what the hell he is up to, and its going to drop your jaw. With a few clips of Morgan Wade from the state fair to the pump track which he made for his buddy he is showing you the good times on a bike and what you can do for the love of BMX to the bone. Cheers for this one, damn…incredible. Love you man and what you do… -Chad D DecoBMX