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Spend a day cruising the city with Austin OG’s Big Rob and Santana in this new video from Josh Babu and Empire. These dudes have been staples in the ATX BMX scene forever and are still out in the streets, at the dirt jumps and on their bikes every day. This video is a pretty accurate representation of what you can get into on an average day in Austin…

“Big Rob and Santana are both OG ATX BMX bosses, and they do heavy work to keep the scene thriving. take a peek into their daily grind!

featuring Robert Danemarks and Miguel Esparza, with guest appearances from Dani Lightningbolt, Logan Balbirona, James Nutter, and Clint Reynolds. RIP Shane Goldstein!”

filmed and edited by Josh Babu (IG @thejoshbabu)
additional filming by Kenny Horton (IG @kenny_horton)