Dan Kruk has a progressive handle bar angle and some next-level progressive moves to go along with it. If you have ever seen Dan ride you know he needs bars that will hold up to what he can throw at them when he working on his next NBD. His signature “Stallis” bar is strong enough for Dan which means it will be more than strong enough for you. These are made to Dan’s exact specifications so he can take them out of the box and ride them with no modifications so you know they are the right size for throwing the bars. Luckily the angle you choose to run them is up to you.

Specs: Available in the traditional 22.2mm clamping area as well as the OS 25.4mm for extra strength
Material: full liquid post heat-treated 4130 "M2" crmo

Tubing: 7/8" multiple butted

Rise: 9.25″

Width: 28.5″

Backsweep: 11 degrees

Upsweep: 2.666 degrees

Special Features: dual radius bends for extra strength

Colours: Gloss ED black

Weight: 809g (28.53oz : 1.78lbs)

Filmed and Edited by: Grant Castelluzzo