In The Cut – FBM King Of Bert Jam

If there’s two things FBM knows how to do, its build a damn fine bicycle and throw a good jam. Get an extend look at what all went down at their “King Of Bert” jam last weekend at Powers Bike Shop in the latest “In The Cut” video from Dig.

“FBM’s Ghetto King Of Bert weekend (that is not a typo; it’s named after a Richmond local named Bert) was a typical FBM-style comp/jam with a loose format, loose judging, and of course, wild riding and antics focused around one thing- fun. With BMX royalty like Mat Hoffman, Van Homan, and Cranman himself present, you couldn’t help but have a smile on your face all weekend long. Watch and be entertained, and take note not to miss the next one.”

Filmed by Rob Dolecki

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