The other week, Cinema BMX dropped their “Mile High Cinema” video from their team trip to Denver, Colorado. As expected, the video turned out incredible and the whole team brought the heat. Today, we get a look at a bunch of b-roll, crashes and random clips that didn’t make the cut for the final edit! Check it all out, then give the full video a re-watch below!

For our latest episode of IN THE CUT we’ve got 28 minutes of randomness, slams, BTS, outtakes and alternate angles from the Mile High Cinema trip with the dream team of Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez and Dakota Roche. Sit back and enjoy!

​Filmed and edited by Will Stroud​ | Additional filming by Andrew Knight” – DIG

Just incase you missed it, or want to watch it again… Here’s the full video!