Thinking about cutting your bars down a bit, but you aren’t really sure how to go about it? Well, there’s a few different ways of getting it done from a hacksaw to a pipe cutter, a Sawzall or Dremel and more. Basically anything that cuts metal can get it done, but some ways are some cleaner / safer than others. Here’s a video Brant Moore put together showing you how to properly cut your BMX handlebars down using a hacksaw and a guide. If you’re looking for a video showing you how to cut BMX handlebars down, this should do the trick. Take a look, then get to it!

In this video I demonstrate how to cut BMX handlebars using the SAW-1 and SG-6 from Park Tool. The Saw Guide from Park Tool is an easy way to ensure a clean and straight cut every single time and is absolutely the way I would recommend cutting your bars.” – Brant Moore