We’ve seen some real gnarly crashes in our day, and this is definitely up there in the list of craziest setups that lead to a wicked crash. Curtis Cantwell sent over a link to a raw cut from the insane crash he had while filming for the “440 Volts” DVD that came out a little while back. Curtis tried to roll in on this huge arch setup and things didn’t quite go to plan when he finally got down to the crash and ended up getting knocked out. This shows the crash, along with the scary few minutes after that showed him unconscious and all the guys keeping him in place while they waited for an ambulance to show up. This one is pretty tough to watch and probably not for everyone. Either way, it’s a good reminder to wear a helmet and that things can go south quickly, even if you’ve been riding for years and have a lot of talent.

My crash down the Virginia Tech arch from my “440 Volts” video part. I’m glad i don’t remember this, it looks like it hurt a lot.
Yes i tried to pull up
No i am not gonna try it again
Yes i am aware that this was stupid