Not necessarily the most exciting video, but it’s rare for something fun and fast like this to ever really translate in footage. Nonetheless, I feel like bombing hills is sort of a lost art, but not for Kyle Emery Peck and crew, as they’ve been doing this for Kyle’s birthday four years in a row. I’m jealous.



“For the fourth year in a row, we have successfully completed a Bolinas day trip for Cubby’s birthday. Every year he’s added more friends to the adventure, but the itinerary has stayed the same. Drive out from the city as early possible, get to the top of Mt. Tam, jump on the bikes to ride 6 miles down a twisty one lane back road (this time we bombed two hills, one into Alpine Dam the second into Bolinas). From there we ride the skate park in Bolinas for a few hours and then head to bass lake.

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