It would have been pretty damn awesome to have a dad that can ride like Kent Pearson. Always awesome to see dad and son edits pop up like this every so often, just for that feel-good vibe and it’s a friendly reminder that BMX has been around long enough to let things happen. Now what’s up with a grandpa/grandson edit?

“We are both honored to have filmed this video together, but we’re even more honored to ride with each other on a daily basis."


While I can’t say for sure, it must be an incredibly rare opportunity to 100% relate to and share a hobby with your dad. Some dads golf, fish, or hunt, while their kids BMX or skateboard, and there usually seems to be a disconnect in “getting it” on both parts.

Kent has held the title belt as the nicest guy in Georgia BMX for many years. He’s always the guy to roll over and give you props, whether he knows you or not. His son Mason has come up in the Georgia scene with a shared respect for BMX, and it’s always a genuinely good time to shred with these guys. Mase has progressed so much in the years I have known him, and Kent never fails to blow my mind with his front brake magic. It was an honor being asked to put these clips together, and I hope you enjoy watching this rare father & son duo get at it! – Kyle

Kent and Mase did a majority of the camera work, and they also thank Craig Mitchell, Nick Thurmond, Ryne McDaniel, Jon Bast, Chris Roberts, Nick Taylor, Christy, Jake Stancil, & TJ Free and Speed Demond Productions(chopper footage) for the extra camera duty.”