Charlie Crumlish had some old footage from some riding time he got in with Craig Passero in New York City about two years ago. Instead of letting the clips go to waste, he put together this edit! These two never disappoint, and this has some real solid clips worth checking out! Take a look!

This was a little timeline I made to show S&M footage Craig and I got on a trip in nyc in 2016, plus some other randoms from texas around that same time. I had a super broken wrist this whole time and craig was coming off an elbow surgery so we were both grumpy as fuck this trip haha.

A lot of this footage ended up in our Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read sections which I linked at the end

but yea, randomly found this and figured I’d make it public it instead of deleting it off the channel forever

LOVE Y’ALL” – Charlie Crumlish