There are very few riders that have ever been on the same level as Corey Martinez. There are even fewer riders who have been on the top of their game for this long. Corey is an anomaly and to celebrate ten years with United they have released this EPIC compilation video of his highlights with the brand. Do yourself a favor and click play now, this footage never goes out of style.

“Some riders just have ‘that thing’ and Corey Martinez is one of those few people. Celebrating the end of his tenth year as a non-stop part of the United family, T-Nez has done it all – numerous epic video sections, NBD’s, and trips throughout the world and all with that fun loving attitude. Corey has been there with United since day one and this video celebrates their unity. If ever there was a model for a true professional, it has to be this guy. Recall and enjoy some of his finest moments. All hail T-Nez!”

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