The Common Crew coming through with a fresh Edventures for you to check out! This is a big mix of footage from a ton of sessions that went down from California to the Source BMX for Battle of Hastings in England and more, along with a bunch of random footage from parties, video premieres, wrestling and more. If you’re looking for riding and laughs, this has plenty of both in this.

Here’s what Ed’s been up to for the past few months.. highlights include savage duels between Sauce and an entire home, including the front yard, as well as Ethan VS Jacob, Crankflipper VS Preston Okert and Lewis Mills VS Baby Sauce. After that we get into the Vans invitational, Liquor store locals ditch jam (where we almost exclusively rode dirt bikes), Disco Stew video premiere and finally the always insane Battle Of Hastings contest. Biking courtesy of Crankflipper, Jonathan Medina, Julian Arteaga, Brad Moore, Matt Nordstrom, Connor Keating, Denim Cox, Lewis Mills, Johnny Raekes, Garrett Reynolds and more!” – Common Crew