Colony hosted a little jam last month at the incredible park in Fresno. It looks like their whole west coast squad came out as well as a ton of locals, when you factor in a game of foot down it had to be an amazingly good time.

“About a month ago Jourdan Barba, Nathan Sykes, Chris Bracamonte and Polly headed up to Fresno for a jam with the locals at the Mosqueda park along with playing our current FREE dvd up on the wall ride after the session. The day was super fun with a large crew coming out and enjoying the day. Massive thanks to Ryan Garcia, Andreas Wenzel Chris Bracamonte for making the day what it was. Even after the jam the guys helped us out with the issue of our only car key breaking in half but that’s a whole other story. Here is the video from the day, hopefully it portrays how much fun we had…

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee