I was just talking about how rad of a dude Chase Davidson is, so seeing this edit making it’s way around the internet today got me hyped!  Chase spent almost a year working in France and traveling to many different countries along the way, in that time he was able to stack up a ton of dope clips at some picture perfect spots.  Don’t miss this one.

“After spending the past 11 months working in France, and travelling around to many different countries in Europe I managed to stack a bunch of clips to remember the good times. Shout out to Arnaud Wolff for holding it down behind the camera and anyone else that may have had to hold my camera for a quick clip.

Filmed by:
Arnaud Wolff

Additional filming by:
Chase Davidson
Tim Sjöholm
Katia Glumova
Ben Eberle
Yohan Maury
Oliver Jonasson
David Goodall
Valentin Minguela

Edited by:
Chase Davidson

Music by:
“Le Chanteur” by Balavoine”