Chad DeGroot coming through with a fresh video that he put together from all the clips he filmed over the course of 2018 involving Kneelies for you to check out. This has a ton of wild combos from flatland, street and park sessions where he got creative with the trick. Needless to say, Chad delivered with the goods. I you want to see something a little different, this will do the trick!


Pain. Heartache. Pressure. Tears. Blood. More tears. Doubt. Deep breathes and concentration. Trials n tribulations. New new. New way of thinking and looking at what's around me. More appreciation. More focus. Better life. The great life. I WANT MORE mentality. And why not. It's time to party and also time to let the wind blow me in the direction that brings happiness.

I'm here for a good time not a long time but a kneelie great time. Smile often. Reflect. Know what makes you happy and get it. And hold it close.

Thank you
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Filmed by
Terry Adams, Kip Willismson, Justin Falco, Aaron Bostrom, GoPro, selfie, Dave Freimuth, Claude Hickman, Spenser Foresman, Matt Coplon, Dustin Grice, Brian Kachinsky

Russia, Japan, Puerto Rico, Nashville, Altamonte Springs, Minneapolis, Oviedo, Longwood, Maitland, Appleton, Disney, Apopka, Sarasota, Cuba

To enjoy happiness is to appreciate life and what's in front of you.” – Chad DeGroot