Chad Degroot makes takes full advantage of the scenic and historic Lake Monroe bridge spanning between Seminole and Volusia counties in Florida with a session in the middle of what was once a busy road.

Filmed by Brian Stump


We figured Xmas eve morning would be  a great time, slow, and easy to film with the sun starting to come up and the fishing buddies slowly piling up with bobbers and gear while we filmed some flatland on a famous historic bridge.

Lake Monroe Bridge was a two-lane steel bridge constructed over the St. Johns River at the west outlet of Lake Monroe between 1933 and 1994. It was a part of U.S. Route 17/92, and spanned the border between Seminole and Volusia Counties in Florida, United States. On the Seminole side is Sanford and on the Volusia side is DeBary. Historical markers claim it was the first electrically operated swing bridge in the State of Florida.