The Cancelled Crew over in Germany kicking off a new series called “What Now?”! Here’s the first part featuring Tim Schobert going to work on on spots galore. Tim might be pegless, but that doesn’t keep him from getting his grind on. Take a look!

Here is the first part of the new, four-part video series from the Canceled Crew. It starts with a crew member of the first hour: Tim Schoberth. Although Tim is usually undecided on whether to ride with or without Pegs, he decided to film his part completely without Grindstangen. The clips were shot during the filming of Artur Meisters Welcome-Edits for Kink BMX and kunstform and the result is a welcome change to the Trickeinerlei, which dominates many street videos nowadays. Even the favorite maneuver of the incomparable as well as unforgotten xmx can be seen. At least now you should click on “Play”.

Video: David Schaller
Graphics: Valle Seuss
” – Freedom BMX