Freedom BMX coming through with another section from the Cancelled Crew “What Now?” video series. This time around we get Dennis Krause‘s section that has a pretty laid back and chill vibe to it, but there’s no shortage of real solid riding from street and park sessions! Take a look!

Dennis Krause? Who is that? And how did he manage to sneak into the crew after “completely canceled”? These and other questions can now be asked of skateplazas in Bremen to bowl landscapes on Lake Constance. On the streets from Queenstown to Barcelona, ​​however, many a connoisseur of Tech-Steeze cycling have already got wind of Dennis the “TM” aka “Motokrause”.
Dennis has been a member of the Frankish Canceled Crew since Day One in 2016 (and those who have not heard of the Canceled Crew yet are repairing their tape recorder to have a leisurely evening with “Road Fools” again). Still, in three years of filming, he did not manage to film a single clip for the group’s full-part video, which, despite all fairness, was not necessarily his fault.
Between the countless injury breaks Dennis was traveling a lot: New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Morocco and Jena. Travelling forms! And in the BMX, education means developing your own style.
In that sense, we are not angry with the boy because his studies have paid off. Blood, sweat and headaches have been invested to show what love for beautiful BMX driving means. Have fun with these rare movies!

Camera: David Schaller, Felix Stoll, Johannes Winkelmann, Valentin Seuss
Cut & Text: Valentin Seuss
” – Freedom BMX