Rail slayer Rob Diquattro has fans the world over, even in New Zealand, where 16-year old Matt Allpress is hard at work following in Rob’s footsteps doing what looks like every rail he can find. —Z.

Matt Allpress. 16. Filmed in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, New Zealand. Matt idolizes Rob Diquattro so much that he painted his bars red to film this edit and he intends to study a maths degree.

Music: Everything I want – Terry Urban

Filming: Rowin Chendriah and Karl Periam
Additional Filming: Olly Denford, Jono Hopping and Kurt Patten
Editing: Rowin Chendriah

Gear: 600D with 18-55 and 550D with 1.8f fisheye

Behind the scenes photos at rowin-steeze.tumblr.com