Looking forward to this one when it drops later this month. One, because it’s Bruno, and two, because it was filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel—a place where you don’t see bike riders going to hardly ever for plenty of good reasons. This trailer gives just a little taste of the scene and spots…

"Munich, Germany. 18 February 2014. When Bruno Hoffmann went to Israel in 2012 he couldn’t travel outside Tel Aviv because of the poitical conditions, but the beautiful weather, good food and endless spots brought the German back in late 2013 to film a new video with his favourite filmer Richard Forne. The trailer shows a few street spots that they found in the white city and its surrounding suburbs.

The Gaza Strip isn’t the safest place on the planet to go street riding but Bruno avoided the armed security guards and hit up as many street spots as possible on this trip. Bruno: “I never really felt scared and I wasn’t concerned. Having Rich, who lives there quite a lot, with me, was really helping.”

The final product will be released on February 27th. With Rich Forne’s filming and editing combined with the skilled and technical riding of Bruno Hoffmann it’s going to be one that you don’t want to miss."

Tel Aviv video out on February 27th.