Bruce Crisman- Blueprint 2001

Bruce Crisman is a midschool bmx legend. This section from Shad Johnson’s Portland Oregon scene video highlighted this perfectly. Bruce could ride it all with confidence and speed. This video is from around the same time when he surprised everyone and won X-games park over Mirra and the other titans of the era. Shortly after the X-games win Bruce ended up taking off his pegs, putting on a freecoaster and innovating street riding with fakie lines as seen in his Facad video part, which ended up paving the way for modern street riding.

“Shad Johnson first released Blueprint back in 2001. Bruce Crisman was already ahead of the game some might say and this section soon became legendary. Bruce Crisman was more than just a technical street rider (which I feel he became more known for later in his career) who pushed the half cab game insanely, he was also one hell of a ramp rider and this section proves that. “

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