I don’t care what else comes out today, this is the most unique you will see HANDS DOWN.  You might not think a farm somewhere in Canada would have any remotely close to a “spot”, but Brodie Gwilliam has an eye unlike most.  Whether he is riding farm equipment, decrepit builds, ramps or even fallen trees Brodie makes the absolute most out of nothing.  This is what BMX is all about.

“I live outside of Kelvington, SK (Canada) on a farm, and i work on my parents farm which is a couple miles from mine …. Pretty much all the equipment I ride in this is at their farm… Im always looking at it while i work thinking how sweet it would be to ride it, so once harvest is done thats usually what i end up doing…. Most of the other spots I find when im seeding or combining in the field….. Gotta keep your eyes open there are spots everywhere!!!

Got this done in the last month inbetween farming

Riding/Filming – Brodie Gwilliam”