Brock Ellis is part of the Late Night BMX crew and this edit certainly shows it. A few of the clips deviate from the nocturnal norm and actually happen during the daylight hours. Brock’s manual skills shine ultra bright in this one along with his ability to throw the bars. My favorite part of this video is the amount of different spots he rides. People get stuck in ruts riding the same things all the time, its good to see people out riding new stuff.

“Brock Ellis and Taylor Thompson combined forces throughout 2016 to give you this edit of Brock and his BMX bike. Brock has put in countless hours of work this past year and from the looks of this edit, it shows. From jumping over fences, security kick outs, and injuries Brock has really put the work in to bring you something new. Brock is part of the Latenight BMX Squad ( as you can tell from the plethora of night footage) and has been killing it for years. Cheers Brock!”

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