New mixtape from what I presume to be the Netherlands. This one caught me off guard, I knew Stijn Staal was a ripper but his homies can hold their own as well.

“The day came where we had some clips of almost the entire team so we decided to make this Bridgetape. Hope you enjoy! 
Riders: Kenzo De Witte, Thijs Vervaeck, Stijn Staal, Barre Neirynck, Stef De Backer, Davy Keereman, Jelle Harnisfeger, Benoît Van de Geuchte, Jan Cannoodt and Alex Vantomme
Filmed: The Crew
Edit: Kenzo
Songs: Aretha Franklin – Bridge Over Troubled Water, 50 Cent – Many Men (TNV Remix), A$AP Mob – Trillmatic ft. A$AP Nast, Method Man