An endangered species in the modern day BMX video, this crash section is right up there with the likes of Blueprint for one of the most painful crash sections of all time. Besides, where else would you get dubbed-in screams and dummies thrown off cliffs? Added bonus for anyone that hates me: I eat shit in here somewhere wearing a fruity sweatshirt.


“Crash Section from Bone Deth the movie “Surfin for the Ugly Broads” featuring Ferberts leg snap. riders included:
Shajn “Ferbert” Raines, Sean Burns, Chris Crawford, Taffy, Karter Phoenix, Dan Bob, Brian Histand, Bill Jones, Dean Dickinson, Colt Fake, Caleb Ruecker, Ox, Jamie Mauri, Russel Stover, Dirty Sanchez, Albie Bennett, Andrew Badman, Ryan Fudger, Dave Laas, Raul Ruiz, and Jay Wilson
Song: “Spirit in the Sky” by ‘Norman Greenbaum'”