“BMX Streets” just hit the marketplace and gives us a nice alternative to Pumped.  I can’t say I really have enough time to play games on my phone but I could see this easing some boredom on the next roadtrip for sure.   Endless lines always sound like a fun time.

“BMX Streets (mobile) gameplay.


BMX Streets is not for the faint hearted!

Progress your BMX skills with over 250 challenges in 19 unique street spots. Shred the rails, time your hops, grind the ledges. Learn the lines to meet the challenges and master BMX Streets!

Real Physics!

Real Tricks. Tire rides, Smiths, Feebles, Fakies, and more!

Real Jibs. Plan and build combos to meet the challenges.

Brutal Bails. Hilarious rag doll landings.

Original Music.

Be the the first to master BMX Streets!”