Adam Banton unleashes his hybrid tech/creative blend of riding all over the Woodward East, and he managed to record a song while he was there! It’s crazy that you can ride all of these amazing obstacles, learn new tricks, and record music at the same place--Woodward is amazing.

“It had been too long since I was back on the East coast at Woodward. I wasn’t sure what to expect honestly, I knew so much had changed, but in some ways camp seemed to look the same in recent vids from when I was a camper ages ago. I knew it had grown into a massive city of skateparks and I’ve heard great things of the music program they offer as well. After filming BMX most of everyday I’d go hang with music campers. I spent time rehearsing a song I wrote that week and jamming with Chris the music director. We finally recorded it my last day. I wanted to film some different things at camp and tried keeping an opening mind on what and where they would be. I had so much fun making music, riding and meeting tons of new people in a short time. Can’t wait to come back, thanks to all the staff, Josh Babu and awesome campers I met. I love Woodward.” --Adam Banton