It’s that time of the week or another round of BMX news where Brant Moore gives a full recap of the latest BMX videos, news and products from the past week! As always, there’s plenty to take in! Hit play for the recap, then check out everything he’s talking about below!

This was quite the well rounded week in BMX news.
The main story to come out in bicycle related news in general is that Interbike as we knew it is probably no more.
As always there were a ton videos and BMX related news to talk about.
” – Brant Moore

Interbike is Cancelled

I also forgot to talk about my friend and previous spotlight rider, Chris Pfirman’s new video! Definitely one you guys will want to check out.


Reagan Riley Welcome To Merritt


Full Factory Holiday Jam 2018
Ride BMX Video –

Full Factory Video

Pusher BMX in Montana

Joe Battaglia iBAGZ Raw Edit

Nico Badet In The USA From Fit

Corey Holdgate Mate From BSD

Drop The Pin With Nathan Williams From Ride

AI Biking Video From BMXFU

Ride BMX "HeadLights" Official Trailer


What I Ride With Trevor Sigloch From Ride

Alec Siemon Video Bike Check From Sunday


Leandro Moreira Tropicalia Colorway From Profile…

Champion Vs Contender – Dan Coller Signature From Kink

Haro SD AM Complete With Dennish Enarson

Garrett Reynolds Signature Sessions From Cinema


In The Volvo With Jordan Godwin

Rollback BMX Podcast With Justin Dowell

Keep Pushing It With Nina Buitrago

Why Street Riding Became Such A Dominant Force In BMX Culture From Mike Hinkins and Imprimatur BMX