Another week has BLASTED by and it’s time for Brant Moore to give you a full recap of all the latest BMX news, videos and products that popped up over the course of the week all in one place! Hit play to get Brant’s perspective, then check out everything he talks about below!

It was a slow week as far as the volume of BMX news goes, but the news there was, was pretty big. Three absolutely amazing videos came out from three mega shredders, as well as a few other interesting things worth talking about.

Let me know what you guys think about Source BMX having a warehouse in the US!” – Brant Moore

Source BMX USA Warehouse


Mike Varga – All Or Nothing From Monster

BMX Not As You Know It – Home With Tim Knoll From Red Bull

Kriss Kyle – 10 Years & Counting From BSD

VIP Chase Hawk At Woodward PA

Drop The Pin With Gary Young From Ride

Paul Ryan – Winter Escape From Mongoose

Seamus Mckeon UK Travel Advisory From FBM

Daily Grind Rerouting DVD
Trent Lutzke –

Mike Vitatoe –

Grant Ueberroth –

Eric Mesta –

Friends Section –

Troy Merkle –

Tony Cherry –


Eclat Shogun Grips

Eclat Bios Pivotal Seat

WeThePeople Logic Sprocket

Larry Edgar 2019 Aire Frame Promo From Fly

Kriss Kyle Signature Freedom Frame From BSD

Odyssey Gary Young Warnin' Grip Promo


Odyssey BMX 10 Spot With Matt Nordstrom

The Rollback Podcast With Tony D