It’s that time of the week for Brant Moore to go back and recap everything that popped up over the course of the week from the latest BMX videos to the news and products. This week was filled with some great riding and interesting news, so hit play and take in the recap. You can view everything covered below in one place as well!

Another week, another episode of BMX News!
What was your favorite video of the week? How do you feel about Austin Augie being bumped to Fit’s pro team?
Let me know that or any other comments you might have in the comments down below!
” – Brant Moore


Don Of The Streets & Welcome To Pro Austin Augie

Dylan Stark Off Stranger


FISE Chengdu 2018
Women's Finals Stream

Women's Finals Highlights

Men's Finals Stream

Men's Finals Highlights

Flatland Live Stream

Marin Rantes Interview


Cinema BMX In Montreal

Ryan Eles Eclat Video

Bloodline – Kent & Mason Pearson

Kuba Spurny Brake Tricks 2018

The Last One – David Villalobos

Getting Buck At Woodward – Travis Lavoie

Jake Seeley 2018 Instagram Compilation

How To Crankflip With Billy Perry

BMXFU –Jordan Dwan FU666 Section

Vans Path To The Pro Cup – Angie Marino

Craig And Charlie Doing Biking

Trip Tape Full DVD


Clint Reynolds Bike Check

Brandon Begin – What I Ride


Fit Hazard Beanie…

Fit Wifi V2 Bourbon Colorway…


The Rollback Podcast With Nick Bruce

The Rollback Podcast With Brian Kachinsky

OFG BMX Interview