It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for Brant Moore to drop the latest BMX News taking a closer look at all of the best BMX video, and the latest news and products! This week was filled with a ton of rad videos and a few new hubs to take a look at!

This week brought news of 2 different hub designs that could each completely change bmx hubs forever. There was also a ton of amazing videos that came out this week!” – Brant Moore


Preston Cawthorn – Welcome To Juke

Ben Allen's Ben All In Welcome To Sunday Video

Hobie Doan Welcome To Primo


Sam Jones Edit

Sam Jones BSD Giveaway

Rob Ridge – Auto Bio Graphic

Alex Kennedy – Unfinished Business

VIP Dennis Enarson At Woodward East

Oscar Daeche Dig Locals Video

PAWoods 2018 Mix

How To Build A Kicker

How To Barspin With Billy Perry


Clint Reynolds What I Ride


Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster V2 Promo Edit

Fit Clamp Beanie

S&M DTF Frame

Eclat Seismic Cassette Hub Preview

Free Night Planetary Coaster


Odyssey 10 Spot With Justin Spriet

The Rollback Podcast With Rob Darden

Snakebite Podcast With Bruce Crisman