Another week has gone flying by! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a full recap of all the latest BMX videos, news and products that popped up over the course of the week! Here’s a look at the latest round of BMX News where Brant Moore gives a reap of everything awesome. Below you can find links and embeds of all the things he talks about in the video! Take a look!

The weekend of X Games is always awesome, and X Games Sydney is here along with another week of awesome BMX-Ness!” – Brant Moore


Raul Reez On Alive Industry

Jason Watts On Cult


BMX Street Station 2018

XGames Sydney
Live Stream Schedule

Alex Donnachie Wins Street Gold


Dima Mon Osokin 2016-2018 Video

Shawn Franz 2018 Video

Down For Whatever From Subrosa

Simple Session 2019 Course Design

Ash Finlay 2018 Video

Funeral BMX India Tour

Vans Dragon Tour Video – Dakota Roche Sean Ricany Ty Morrow & Calvin Kosovich

MMM Crw Video

WeThePeople Foundation Full DVD


Radio Bikes 2019 Completes

Out Of The Box Madera Signet Guard Sprocket

Fit Buck It Trucker Hat

S&M Shield Cut Vest

Haro 78 Plastic Peg Promo


One Minute Bike Check With Broc Raiford

WeThePeople Dustyn Alt Bike Check

What I Ride With Charlie Crumlish From Ride

Greg Illingworth What I Ride

Alex Donnachie Bike Check From BSD


BMX In Our Blood Podcast With Clint Reynolds…

One-On-One With Brandon Loupos

The Rollback Podcast – JJ Palmere

Odyssey 10 Spot With Gary Young