The Holiday shopping season is in full-effect and there’s no doubt that you have been cooking up a list filled with bikes, frames, parts and more that you might just want or need. If you have been around in BMX long enough, you know what you’re looking for and how to get it. However, some of the newer riders or the parents, friends or family members might not be well versed in what to look for or get. Brant Moore put together a video with a bunch of great tips to help you get what you want and even save a little money in the long run. Make sure you hit up the Ride BMX Shop to get everything you need!

Shopping for BMX gifts can be an overwhelming and easily confusing task. So in this video I talk about a few tips for anyone shopping for BMX parts or a bike for a loved one this Holiday season.

These tips aren’t just for the holidays however and apply to any BMX gift shopping occasion.Brant Moore

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