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“Alfredo Mancuso tried to ice a kinked rail. No dice.

This is one of my favorite crashes of all time because I still remember the first time I saw it. A few years ago Alfredo had this girlfriend. They were dating for a few weeks and one day when he and I were talking about riding I heard her say to him “so do you like, race?” It blew my mind that they had been hanging out for this long and she still didn’t know what his job/hobby consisted of. That’s how self involved she was. I was blown away.

So he opened up his computer (we weren’t on wifi) and this was the first clip of himself he saw. He pressed play and her jaw just dropped. Up until that point she hadn’t realized that her new boyfriend’s hobby at least sometimes involved knocking himself out on handrails. She is now dating some golf dude. I hope that’s working out for her. “