To run brakes, or run the brakeless setup. It’s a question that a lot of riders consider when they’re starting out or wanting to change their setups. Red Bull caught up with Corey Bohan and Boyd Hilder to talk about the differences between their setups from the brakes to the hubs and why they run their bikes the way they do. Check it out!

Time for a classic discussion: BMX with brakes or brakeless? Watch Corey Bohan chat with Boyd Hilder on the ups and downs of having brakes vs brakeless BMX.
The great and good of BMX were in Málaga this weekend for the World Championship finale of the Van’s BMX Park competition.
The second edition of the Vans BMX Pro Cup concluded in Málaga on Sunday, with the crowning of the men’s and women’s world champions, following the end of the four-stop competition. Larry Edgar and Teresa Azcoaga took the honours, upholding their series leads coming into the Málaga event, after contests in Sydney, Huntington Beach and Guadalajara>