If you’re looking for a dialed ride for technical street moves, look no further than Bruno Hoffmann‘s bike check. Bruno’s ride is decked out with a bunch of signature parts from Federal and Eclat with personal touches to his local squad, hometown, and more…

Frame: Federal Bruno 2
Fork: Federal Prototype
Bars: Federal Bruno
Stem: Eclat Domain Topload
Grips: Eclat Bruno
Barends: Eclat
Headset: Eclat Wave
Seatpost: Federal
Seat: Federal Ciao
Pedals: Eclat Seeker
Cranks: Eclat Onyx, 165 mm
Sprocket: Eclat AK
Chain: Eclat 4 Stroke
Front Tire: Eclat Predator
Front Wheel: Eclat Bondi V2 rim, Eclat Cortex Hub, Eclat Guards
Rear Tire: Eclat Predator
Rear Wheel: Eclat Bondi V2, Eclat Cortex Freecoaster, Eclat Guards
Pegs: Eclat Venom