So much to be said about this video… It was made for the Ray’s MTB “Odd Couple” contest where a BMX rider and mountain bike rider from the same company (in this case SE Bikes) have to make a video together. Big Daddy has some insanely original moves that are pretty goofy, but really hard. He also does a no-handed flair and throws a bunch of money mid-trick. And on that note, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, and leave it up to you to do the laughing.

From Vimeo:
This video was filmed during Ray’s MTB filming contest. The video didn’t make the Top 5. But we had one heck of a time filming for it.

We were given 3 days to film and edit a video at Rays Mtb.

With too many Red Bulls and not enough sleep we came up with this concept.

Featuring: Pat Laughln “Big Daddy” and Andrew Taylor

Filmed, Edited and Directed By: Tom Arkus