Start your day off with a new flatland video we had sent through featuring Bert Ribul throwing down some very dialed riding during a few parking garage sessions! Bert is an absolute machine and links together a bunch of ridiculous combos in this one, paired with some excellent film work by Dmitri Shushuyev. This is the kind of video that once you hit play, you end up watching the whole video. Take a look!

thlete: Bert Ribul (

Film/Edit/Sound/Animation: Dmitri Shushuyev ( |

Music: 00E1 – godspeed

persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

The past year kept Bert and myself busy filming for a DVD, for an online trick contest and a documentary. Throughout this time there were many goals to achieve and there have been set backs to all the endeavors, but we battled them head on through. Here is something that represents the word perseverance in a sense of even through the tough times, the busy times, through a number set backs, Bert has pushed through and kept creating more.