If you caught Matthias Dandois‘s new video from Red Bull the other day, you probably got caught up wondering just how they were able to bounce around all over and line up all the shots perfectly so everything matched up! Well, here’s a look behind the scenes showing you exactly how Christian Rigal pulled it off. We can’t imagine just how much time and work went into making this as dialed as it was. Hit play, then go re-watch the full edit below!

Take a behind the scenes look at how Flatland BMXer Matthias Dandois and film director Christian Rigal filmed 'Tour de Flat.’ The technique they invented together is revolutionary: it's a derivative from the stop motion. It consists in repeating the same succession of tricks in different landscapes bringing a vectorial approach to the image, in 4 dimensions: static shots, traveling shots, circular shots and drone shots. Everything was filmed with a small crew and materials: one camera operator, one drone and one electronic single-wheeled board.” – Red Bull