Source BMX coming through with a look at all the best footage that Devon Smillie and his team consisting of Sem Kok, Tyler Fernengel and Ben Lewis that was filmed during the Battle of Hastings a little while back! Devon’s team had a really good mix of styles and abilities, making for a ton of wild riding. Take a look!

Devon Smillie originally picked fellow Fly Bikes rider Sergio Layos to be a part of his 2018 BOH team but sadly he got hurt in practice. After that Sem Kok stepped up alongside Tyler Fernangel and Benny L.

Together they killed it all week long in every element of the event. Benny also came out victorious with the illusive 270 wallride to fakie that spanned 2 days of attempts!

An iconic sequence of this very trick courtesy of Dig BMX’s Rob Dolecki is available on our super limited edition tee at SOURCEBMX.COM