Basics How-To – Street, Ramps, Dirt Jumping, And Flatland

From time to time we get beginner riders asking for basic how-to videos and trick tips. Ride put out a full-length Basics how-to VHS tape a long time ago and we have the entire film on the site broken into four sections sections. If you are looking for some newbie help, these are definitely worth watching. From 180s to grinds, to airing ramps and clearing doubles, Rob-O, The Gonz, Bestwick, Mackay, Luc-e, and others are your instructors. Pay attention…

Click page 2 for the basics of ramp riding, page 3 for the basics of dirt jumping, and page 4 for the basics of flatland!

Basics Of Street Riding:

Basics Of Ramp Riding:
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Basics Of Dirt Jumping:
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Basics Of Flatland Riding:
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