Regardless of what you put in front of Dan Foley he will shred it—and with the utmost style. Needless to say, Dan is the classic example of an all-around rider and you can really see it with his amazing skill set. In this video Dan discusses the modern trend of riders focusing on only one style of riding—whether it be only street, or parks, or whatever. And he goes on to list some of the perks of being an all around rider—including versatility, more bike control, style—ultimately making you a better bike rider. Dan does a good job of approaching this topic from multiple angles and he’s really thorough. Definitely some food for thought. We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments—and I’m sure Dan would too.

“With BMX getting so technical and difficult in recent years, it’s become common for riders to only ride and focus on one discipline. While this does benefit the progression of the sport in many ways, it also prevents riders from experiencing so much BMX has to offer.

Being someone who loves riding a multitude of things, I wanted to give my argument for riding everything and why doing so is beneficial to any rider.”—Dan Foley

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