We’re a few days late on this one, but it’s mostly because we didn’t know about it until now! Andy Maguire cooked up a new edit featuring riding rom him and a bunch of familiar faces, along with random footage he got on his GoPro. As always, Andy delivers a great video that is well worth a watch and has a different feel than most other videos. Take a look!

This was never really intended to be a holiday themed video, but the timing is right and I’m thankful for all the people I get to ride with. I’m also thankful for my wife coming through with a GoPro a couple Christmas’ ago, which has given my back a break from the otherwise heavy camera bag I lug around for most of my other videos. And finally, I’m thankful for my new son, who has taught me so much about life through his own. While I’m getting sentimental, why don’t you enjoy this collection of GoPro clips I’ve collected over the years from coast to coast, featuring a Thanksgiving Day Parade of riders like Tim Maguire, Dusty Sampson, Chris McMahan, Mike Hernandez, Jordan Murdock, Tristan Adams, Manny Kilpatrick, Joby Suender, and Francisco Colon!” – Andy Maguire