Here’s a new one from Niagara Falls local Andrew White courtesy of Charlie Crumlish.

“Andrew White is a Niagara Falls local with the best tooth hanger around. The clip at 1:44 in this edit is my favorite in the entire section, for a few reasons: The over-bar-height, black, mellow four-stair is called “Stamford Rail” and it’s a landmark in the Niagara Falls scene, sort of like the El Toro of the Niagara Falls area, but with a lower deadman value. If we rolled up to this rail in any other town, it’d be a clip fest no doubt, but the fact that we’ve been riding it for years can give some of us a mental block when it comes to doing new moves. For me, Stamford is still the rail I was scared to grind when I was a 16-year-old. I haven’t done anything but send a few double pegs down it. I’m sure Andrew shares the same feeling; he grew up just ten minutes from the rail and sees it more often than I do. This is what makes the clip of the tooth hang down it so dope, in my opinion. Andrew knew he could tooth hang it, and he got it done first try, no sweat for a clip and a pic. The rest of the edit is assorted clips we’ve stacked up while riding Buffalo, Boston, and a few cities in Southern Ontario. Thanks to Andrew for killing himself on this edit.” -Charlie Crumlish, Via ESPN