If you are into artistic filming and learning all about how someone made their video, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. Sebastian Baumelt spent three nights filming by himself at a skatepark before putting together this edit and sharing all the tech info on how he did it.

From Vimeo:
This video was filmed and edited by me. It took me three evenings to film all the intro and riding scenes. I always wanted to film a video when it’s completely dark.

It was an awesome experience at the skatepark out there. There was nobody else so it was pure silence and sometimes some kind of scary.

I’ve got 4 x 500W floodlights on tripods and 1 x 250W but as you can see it’s not enough. Anyway this video shows the great quality of the Canon HV30 at lowlight.

The scenes that look more natural I’ve used the “spotlight” mode with 60 fps and a 1/50 shutter speed.

To get the smooth slow motions but no grain I’ve used the “exposure lock” trick and filmed at 60 fps and a 1/120 shutter speed. (known as the 180 degree shutter)

After that I’ve slowed it down with 40% in Sony Vegas.

– Canon HV30
– Raynox 6600HD
– Sennheiser MKE 400
– Cullmann 54100 Tripod
– 4 x 500W Tripod Floodlight
– 1 x 250W Floodlight

– HDV Split
– Sony Vegas 9.0 Platinum
– Xilisoft HD Converter

Camera Settings:
60 fps & 1/50 shutter speed
60 fps & 1/120 shutter speed

Converting Settings:

Resolution: 1440×1080 to 1280×720
Data rate: 5000 kbits/sec (HD)
30 fps

320 kbps / 44.100 kHz