I am still trying to figure this kid out but either way he rips. There are a ton of bangers and really unexpected clips in this such as a sick gap to topside smith and a rad barspin cannonball.

“This year has been a great year for me traveling, meeting new people, and overall progressing. At the end of the year I had accumulated a lot of footage so I decided to put together a video. Can’t thank everyone who pushed me, helped me out, and supported me enough to make this happen!

Filming by: Brant Moore, Chase Stewart, Laura Gifford, Ron Leibrock, Andy Koivula, Cody Flora, Tim Jameson, Samson Wells, Nick Fox, Josh Corsi, Rayne Peacock, Seth Wright, Ryan Mcgary, Evan Driggs, Brandon Sparks, and a Tripod.

Edited By: Alex Leibrock

Music: Intro Song- “Sleep Away” by Bob Acri, Main Song- “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” by Black Sabbath”