Alaric Streiff isn’t afraid to go fast, land hard, and enjoy the  tech side of riding either. Well rounded and enjoyable to watch, this new video for Soul BMX mag is a good watch to a classic Led Zeppelin song too.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE- After Charles Paty , it is the turn of the excellent Alaric Streiff to be highlighted in our FOCUS series that seeks to frame the riding of careful aesthetic made ​​in Vincent De La Rue . Mix complete street, between big stiff rail line and that scares everyone, and bikepark Darwin ( rip ? ) Where he had invested , Alaric once again treats us to the timeless riding . We also invite you to read the interview very interesting boy raised in the suite with a fine silver tof good Rémi Trouillet . Unleaded to thank you for the support of Stranger . – See more at :