The ABQDNV crew sessions some of the finest skatepark ledge and rail setups around. Lots of solid clips in here from Derek Dorame amongst others…

“Here is a little Street Style Park Mix of a few of our friends from New Mexico and Denver area. With so many parks as we have said before in both areas, it’s easy to see how people can just kill the parks. Lucky enough for us these guys kill it on both sides of the park and the streets, we have some park from Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe New Mexico in this as well as Downtown Denver park up to Arvada park in Colorado. Big thanks too Derek Dorame form coming up with some clips and always being down to send a few our way. Check it out and give us a follow and hit that like button.

Music – Samonkawamura – Good Morning Bangkok

Riders –
Johnny Atencio,
Adam Accardi,
Austin O’Malley,
Joe Poisson,
Derek Dorame

Additional Filming – Derek Dorame, Adam Accardi”