Matt Gutierrez hits some of Albuquerque’s concrete parks with some seriously creative/flowy lines, in 100 degree heat no less. Watching lines like these are a breath of fresh air , the ice to nose manual at :26 was seriously too good!  Check this out!

“Matt came to me with the idea of filming a park edit and of course I was indeed more than delighted in doing so. From the daily struggles of it being 100+ degrees everyday filming this, being constantly snaked at the park, the sun draining not only us but the camera batteries as well and finally having to be prepared with up to 7 water bottles each and the daily burrite to satisfy our tums we managed to pull off this edit. It is very intriguing and interesting to film Matt each time I go out with him for I know I’ll always be enlightened with seeing something new and creative. Hope everyone enjoys as much as I enjoyed filming this and hanging with my boy!” – Hunter Lodwick”