You can always count on the ABQ DNV squad to come through with the goods! Here’s a fresh mix they sent through giving us a look at a ton of real solid clips and their new shirt. This is two minutes well worth you time. Check it!

So here is a video we made after our first batch of "Burn It Down" shirts with our friend Sam Peirson, I'll tag him below. However we rallied the boys and cruised the crusty Cap Hill and lower downtown area catching clips and some good times as we do.

If your into any of these we are doing some preorders so need your info and a couple bucks and all the goodies can be yours. Doing black and white T's cause what else would you wear and doing hoodies as well. Everything is made to order and once we are done with this we're on to the next design and stickers.

Riders –
Devin Burks
Danny Camacho
Mario Carrasco
ken Joe Robinson
Ben Linschodten
Dustin Arp
Josh Hoven
Maxime chevron
Ross Albreski
Clint "Mag Wheel Guy" Zabodyn
Emores Petty

Music – Cobra Man – Toxic Planet